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Shoppable Posts

Why Instagram & Facebook

Shoppable posts enable Instagram users to instantly purchase directly from Instagram. 

The process of moving from browsing to purchasing becomes instantaneous. Your customer need never leave the page.

Your product catalogue is automatically synchronised with your Facebook and Instagram account. All you need to do is mark a product with shoppable pricing tags... and your product has now become that much easier to buy.

Next Level Revenue

Take your revenue to the next level when you open your Instagram and Facebook shop.

Our professional developers and designers will connect your shop to Instagram on our "Do It For You" plans , or you can do it yourself on our "Do It Yourself" plans.

See the results in your bottom line.

Setup in Minutes

Setting up your store and connecting to Instagram  and Facebook is done in minutes on our platform.

Optimised for Mobile

Designed to be responsive, the store will provide a smooth experience for your users across desktop, lapotop, tablet and mobile.

Join Thousands Globally

Thousands of users worldwide already integrate with Instagram and Facebook. Our tools will take you there too.

Advertise with Facebook

Convert window shoppers to paying customers.

Use our Facebook Marketing tools to track shoppers who visit your store but didn't purchase. Remarket those items again to help them with their purchasing decisions.

Step 1

Facebook Connect

Connect with Facebook to get your products into your very own Facebook Shop

Step 2

FaceBook Pixel

Insert a free Facebook Pixel into your store that will track visitors and enable you to display ads to those who left without a purchase. 

Step 3

Launch your ad campaign
You are now ready to run ads on Facebook. Proceed to Facebook to specify ad details and start your campaign.


Join as an affiliate and earn a passive income for everyone who purchases a subscription from you.

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